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Welcome to Popular RPG, a role playing game based on the hit WB show. Our game will begin at the start of Season 1 and work its way through the series and beyond. While the major plot (the McPherson-McQueen merger) must stay in tact, anything else is fair game. It's up to you who rules Kennedy High.

Below is a list of the cast, along with which characters are taken.

The Popular Crowd

Brooke McQueen - glamazon_queen
Josh Ford -
Nicole Julien - glamazonxnic
Mary Cherry - glamazon_mc
Poppita Fresh -
George Austin -
Sugar Daddy Bernadino -
Adam Rothchild-Ryan -

The Unpopular Crowd

Sam McPherson - sam_mcpherson
Caitlin "Cat" McPherson - cat_mcpherson
Carmen Ferrara - luves2dance
Lily Esposito - ihavegonorrhea
Harrison John -
Jordan Murphy - jordan_murphy

The Freaks

Emory Dick -
April Tuna -
May Tuna -

The Faculty

Bobby "Bio" Glass -
Vice Principal Calvin Krupps -
Coach Casey Krupps -

The Parents

Mike McQueen -
Jane McPherson - unexpctdjrny

To apply for a character, go to popular_mod.